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How I Get a New Fragrance Every Month - From Scentses + Co, Malaysia’s 1st Perfume Subscription!

 New Month, New Scent

Scent has always been so significant and personal to me because it has the power to evoke memories and feelings, thus contributes deeply to my emotional well-being. That is why choosing the right fragrance is important because it holds such precious meaning to me. That said, scent becomes attached to my identity- what kind of mood I want to be in or what vibes I wish to give, which are different at all occasions.

In order to discover the right fragrance for you, sniffing samples at beauty stores isn’t enough, because you won’t be able to experience all fragrance notes and perfume’s interaction with your skin. On the other end of the spectrum, buying the full-size bottle at first sight would be too impulsive. Even if you purchase travel-size or miniature perfumes just for the sake of trying it out, it’s not possible to buy individually because they usually come in seasonal gift sets from the same brand.

Thankfully, there’s a brilliant solution to this problem.

What is Scentses +Co about?

Scentses+ Co is Malaysia's First Designer Perfume Subscription where you can choose any designer perfume or cologne of your choice, just to try out for the month without breaking your bank.

This local Malaysian start up is proudly founded by sisters who inspire passion, hard work, and female empowerment. Get to know the girl power behind Scentses + Co, Sadira, the co-founder and CEO, who shares her inspiring entrepreneurial journey here and she hopes to bring more people onboard to a journey of self-discovery through scent.

You may easily switch fragrances freely every month for just RM 49.90. At the time of writing, there are over 750+ authentic designer perfumes to select from! Plus, they will be introducing 2 new fragrances every month. I am definitely spoilt for choice.

The next best thing is, you can pause, skip a month, or cancel anytime for free. No commitment, no strings attached.

 They say, it’s like dating but with perfumes. But I’d say it’s better than dating, because there won’t be a heartbreak!

There is so much flexibility in this subscription plan, where you can even arrange your scent schedule, or they call it, scent-dule by adjusting delivery frequency.

With just RM49.90 a month with free nationwide shipping in Malaysia (and yes, including East Malaysia), you’ll get an 8ml atomizer of the perfume of your choice which can last you for 30 days if you use 3-4 sprays a day. 

Instead of spending on a full-sized designer perfume which costs at least RM300, you can get to experience 6 different perfumes across different brands through Scentses + Co with the same price. 

How Does It Work?

There are two monthly fragrance subscription plans you can choose from- LITE Plan and LUXE Plan.

Both plans offer unlimited designer fragrances but LUXE offers a premium range of designer brands such as Christian Dior and YSL.

LITE Plan is RM 49.90/month, while LUXE Plan is now RM 65.90 RM 59.90/month. There is also LUXE+ Collection which features higher end luxury perfume brands which are also not very common in Malaysia such as Tom Ford, Diptyque, Maison Margiela, Byredo, available for a one-off purchase basis.

Step 1: Choose a Subscription Plan- LITE or LUXE. Choose your fragrance for the month.

Step 2: Receive your monthly scent of your choice in an 8ml atomizer. You’ll get a free matte black travel case on your first month.

Step 3: Scent-dule your next scent! Manage your subscription by choosing your preferred scent for next month, adjust your delivery frequency, and you can plan your upcoming fragrance line-up for the coming months ahead.

What Will You Get from Your Scentses + Co Subscription?

You’ll get your preferred selection of designer perfume in an 8ml atomizer which comes together with a free matte black travel case as a welcome gift on the first month. For the subsequent month, you will receive your next fragrance of choice in an 8ml atomizer only.

 How to Use?

                        Twist the case to reveal the atomizer nozzle and spray to use.  
     Pull out the perfume vial to switch fragrances.
You can also flip the interior of the box to form your personalized fragrance wardrobe!

Together with the sleek black box, it comes with an informative leaflet detailed a description of the fragrance notes of the scent that I picked for the month. I also received a self-affirmation quote that uniquely matches to the fragrance that I chose! 

If you have no idea what scent you should pick for the next month, Scentses + Co has got it covered too. They feature a handpicked: scent of the month or #SOTM for short, selected by their team of experts! It sure is a fun and exciting way to discover new perfumes on the market. Alternatively, you can slide into their DM and get a free fragrance consultation.

If your desired perfume is not in their list of fragrances, you may even send a request and they’ll notify you if it’s available.

Being a subscriber allows you to enjoy the perks of purchasing travel cases of different colours with customized name engraving as well. To show appreciation to loyal subscribers, they may drop surprise gifts when you hit the 3-, 6-, 9-, 12-month mark!

If you want to give it to someone as a gift, there are two ways to do it – send a e-gift card for one month subscription to LITE/LUXE plan or Build-a-Gift-Box by selecting 3-4 fragrances to be delivered in a luxurious box. 

My Scent of The Month & Personal Experience with Scentses + Co

I really love the concept of perfume subscription and I think it brilliantly suits with people who just want to dip their toes into luxury perfume. On the other hand, Scentses + Co also provides an affordable avenue for perfume enthusiasts to discover new fragrances and explore different brands before committing into a full-size bottle. 

I once bought a 30ml Jo Malone’s English Pear and Freesia Cologne, a popular scent which is well- liked by everyone’s noses. I liked it at first sniff while sampling at their outlet. But as I continued using it for a few months, I began to realise that the scent was too subtle, almost bland and boring for me. I wish there was Scentses + Co at that time.

I like how sleek the packaging is and its pocket-size bottle makes it easier to carry around in my bag in case I need a touch up spritz especially for EDT or Cologne due to their shorter longevity.

My scent of the month was Calvin Klein CK One EDT For Unisex. Calvin Klein CK One was popular back in the 90s. It was the scent of the decade. I wanted to feel the nostalgia of the 90s and I can totally imagine wearing this fragrance on my denim jeans. Also, because I have too many floral scents, I’d like something different for my fragrance wardrobe. CK One’s citrus notes gave me a very fresh and invigorating feeling which I really like. 

Join the club, Be a Scentennial

Let’s smell nice together by starting your first subscription with Scentses + Co! From only RM 49.90, you get to access to various 100% authentic designer perfumes, with NO commitment, NO contract, and NO strings attached

To get you started, you may use promo code ‘’EUNICE10’’ for 10% off for the first month!

For more updates from Scentses + Co, follow their socials- website, Instagram, Facebookor drop them an email at

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