My work can be so busy until I do not have time for a proper breakfast especially when I am working the morning shift. Unless I have to wak...

 My work can be so busy until I do not have time for a proper breakfast especially when I am working the morning shift. Unless I have to wake up extra early, of course. Nonetheless, I still doubt I will have time to prepare a fancy wholesome breakfast probably because I took a long time to get ready.  

My breakfast woes were troubling me until I came across the existence of portable blender. That gave me another breakfast option- smoothie! It’s totally fuss-free, healthy, easy to prepare and consume, and time saving. The fact that it’s portable means you blend anywhere you like.

I normally prep the ingredients on the night before, and straight away pop all of them into the blender before I go to work. You can actually pack your smoothie ingredients into individual Ziploc bags and freeze them. Take one pack out and thaw it a little before throwing into the blender. If your portable blender has the capacity to blend ice, you can just blend those frozen ingredients without thawing. That way you might get a cool ice blended beverage.

P/S: Not a sponsored post. I bought Morphy Richard's Blender in their official flagship store in Shopee for RM139

My first portable blender was from Xiaomi Youpin and it failed me miserably. I was able to use it for a few times before the device fail to charge due to the possible faulty USB magnetic charging port. Then I came across Morphy Richards’ Portable Blender and I took a chance on it, and it has been serving me good ever since.

I have been experimenting several smoothie recipes and I came to realize that bananas are always the ingredient in every smoothie recipe. It’s because of its creamy texture and natural sweetness that makes it a prime candidate for smoothie. Goes well with any fruits I can think of and works totally well to mask the flavor of greens. Not that I don’t like bananas but I’d like to see how other fruits fare in the smoothie game.

So, I have come up with my 5 go-to smoothie ideas for a quick and easy breakfast.

1. Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie

Banana smoothie is one of the easiest breakfast beverage to make. Adding peanut butter really steps up the smoothie game. All you need are 2 ripe bananas, a dollop of peanut butter, half cup of milk, and half cup of yogurt, and a sprinkle of flaxseeds, and blend!

 You may add 1tsp of vanilla essence into that concoction. I actually prefer it to be less thick in consistency, thus I normally use one cup of milk. Finish it off with a drizzle of peanut butter as the topping.

Alternatively, I love adding cocoa powder if I am not using peanut butter.

2. Spinach Mango Smoothie

The idea of blending and consuming raw greens in liquid form scares me. I love my greens cooked, grilled, roasted, but not raw. Nevertheless, I decided to try blending frozen spinach. Initially, I blended them together with a higher ratio of sweet, ripe bananas in order to mask the leafy veggie taste. When I took the first sip, I wouldn’t even believe I was drinking vegetables.

I substituted bananas with mango and it was amazing. Mango is another perfect smoothie candidate as they contribute to the thick creamy texture of the drink. If you like additional sweetness, you may just use both bananas and mangoes! You may even substitute spinach with kale, another super food superstar.

Spinach smoothie really helps me getting enough greens in my diet especially after my braces tightening appointment. 

3. Dragonfruit Berries Smoothie

Dragonfruit is one of my favourite fruits, probably because it does not require much effort in prepping before eating. (yes, I am that lazy even when it comes to food)

Using the white type because red was sold out 

Dragonfruit is an excellent choice for smoothie bowls because of its beautiful red vibrant colour that creates an appetizing and healthy outlook. The ultimate breakfast for fitness junkie.

As for me, the quickest and easiest way to enjoy dragon fruit breakfast beverage is by adding a cup of frozen berries. Nothing can go wrong with frozen berries. They certainly come in handy so I kept a pack of frozen berries in my freezer.

You may add a drizzle of honey if your dragonfruit isn’t sweet enough or a sprinkle of chia seeds for some omega 3 goodness into the cup of antioxidant smoothie. 

4. Avocado Matcha Smoothie

Move aside, banana! Avocado is a rising star smoothie ingredient among keto dieters and conscious eaters, given their creamy and buttery attributes. However, they taste a little plain on their own. You may add maple syrup or honey in your smoothie. It also goes well with other fruits like bananas and mangoes!

I added matcha powder and it complements the taste so well! It is now officially my favourite Matcha dessert.


5. Kiwi Strawberries Smoothie

Kiwis, I mean, the golden kiwis, are my favourite post dinner palate-cleanser. They say the taste is a cross between strawberry and a mango. This calls for a smoothie experiment.

I use frozen strawberries because fresh ones are expensive af in KK. I’m sure the flavor will be much intense with fresh strawberries. Add half cup of yogurt and another half cup of milk and blend right away! I added a drizzle of honey as a final touch. You may add fresh slices of strawberries for the toppings.


Now we’ve heard about my five smoothie ideas for busy people who would like to stay healthy! Do you have a go-to smoothie recipe of your own? Do share in the comment section below ;)

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