Half a year has passed so quickly and many things had happened. I have completed my one year provisionally registered pharmacist train...

Half a year has passed so quickly and many things had happened. I have completed my one year provisionally registered pharmacist training, the ‘housemanship’ equivalence for pharmacist, which means I have more time for blogging now. Not forgetting that I will be approaching my quarter life celebration in a few weeks’ time. Amidst many notable events of my life, I discovered many cool things that I should totally share with you guys.


I always have wanted a chic and expensive looking planner to get myself in the habit of writing important things down and set myself in ‘planning mode’. I’d say that I am pretty good in organizing things as I’d always make sure that plan B is in place if things don’t work out. However, I’m just so lazy to get it all done in writing. Instead, I plan my schedule in my mind which is totally ineffective because things tend to slip out of my mind easily.  

I came across Perky Preen’s Instagram profile and discovered that they are providing services in making customized 2018 planners. I placed an order weeks away from the end of 2017. Just in time for a new year resolution- be more organized.

There were a few front cover designs and front cover fonts to choose from. All designs are minimalist, chic, and very millennial style looking! This monthly planner consists of stylish calligraphic worded stickers, creative graphic stickers, cool games like crossword puzzles and Sudoku to fill in your leisure time. Also, it has inspiring quotes at the beginning of a new month from famous figures like Queen Bey herself, to help us to get through every month!

I really love the millennial pink theme colour. It was so eye catching that whenever I lay my planner on the desk during my work, people will come by and take a look at it! I hope there was no peeking :O

I bought at RM89 excluding shipping.


I have been using It’s Skin Babyface Eyebrow pencil as I’m very comfortable with using it everyday. Since I am using eyebrow pencil on a daily basis, I figure that it’s time to invest in a good eyebrow pencil.

 I really like the shape of the pencil tip which really makes it easy for filling my sparse brows. It has a soft brown shade which suits my skin colour perfectly. Definitely my go-to eyebrow pencil now!

Purchased at Sephora Malaysia for RM125. 


My all-time favourite way to deal with work stress is by pampering myself with relaxing and pleasantly scented body products. My current holy grail products are a lip scrub and lip balm from Handmade Heroes. 

Based in Singapore, Handmade Heroes products are vegan and cruelty free, and made with no preservatives using all natural ingredients. I got myself a small tub of Cocolicious Luscious Lip Scrub in the flavor of Matcha Latte and a Morrocan Mint Lip Balm.

 I have always neglected my lips and I felt like it didn’t receive my nourishment…so what’s better than putting natural goodness on your lips? I really love the scent of matcha latte so much that I wanted to taste it on my lips. Just a small scoop on your finger (or one fingertip unit) and massage it on your lips in circular motion is sufficient enough. After rinsing, I applied the Morrocan Mint Lip Balm on my smooth lips.

 It was lightly scented, colourless, and non-greasy. It is just perfect for daily moisturizing for my lips. Handmade Heroes has other amazing products to offer including the Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo & Black Charcoal Face Mask as featured on Buzzfeed.

Cocolicious Luscious Lip Scrub- Matcha Latte RM38.90
 Morrocan Mint Lip Balm. RM22.90
Purchased at Handmade Heroes 


I have a habit of snacking because I always get hungry in between my main meals. I was in quest of searching for healthy snacks until I stumble upon Signature Market, a website that sells organic and healthy food, and supplements. 

They have a variety of nuts, raisins, berries, and other dried fruits. And they packed a different mix of nuts and dried fruits. I bought Cashew Cranberry Mix, Energy Booster Trail Mix, Berry Treasure, Organic Black Manukka Raisins, and Antioxidant Boost. The dried berries and raisins taste great with a bowl of greek yogurt, which serves as a healthy snack.

Purchased at Signature Market


I remember my previous’ mid year favourite list ended with a mask of my choice as well. This time I am digging hydrogel masks! Hydrogel masks provide better moisture lock for the skin and have better absorption compared to conventional paper masks. 

Photo credit: Faith in Face Malaysia

A piece of Faith in Face hydrogel mask comes in two separate parts- the top piece and bottom piece. I must admit that it slipped from my face a little but the mask is also very easy to adjust. I love the texture of the hydrogel mask because it is so soft and soothing. I feel it very comfortable like I’m putting on a second skin! 
Photo credit: Faith in Face Malaysia

With its package designed in a retro inspired concept, Faith in Face comes in many types such as Nourish Me Hydrogen Mask, Miss Invisible Pore Hydrogen Mask, Hold Me Tight Hydrogen Mask, After Shower Look, and Black & White Film Star.

Purchased all 5 for RM39.55 at Hermo

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. My opinions and thoughts on every product are solely based on my own experience.

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