PRODUCT REVIEW: Althea’s Bare Essentials

As all of you have heard the latest K-beauty gossip in town, I am back with a full review of Althea’s Bare Essentials skincare line, as pr...

As all of you have heard the latest K-beauty gossip in town, I am back with a full review of Althea’s Bare Essentials skincare line, as promised! If you are still clueless about what is this latest buzz about, check out Bare Essentials here, and also my previous blog post about first impression of this amazing minimalist skincare range, here.

I have been using Bare Essentials for almost a month now, and I guess it’s time to reveal the verdict.
I really love the simplicity of the products where skincare regimen can just be simplified to the three basic steps.  These three essential steps are sufficient for healthy glowing skin. Of course, you can be a little extra with the addition of serums and essences into your skincare routine.

STEP 1: Contour Cleanser

Althea’s Contour Cleanser has a thick and creamy consistency, where just a small amount is needed to lather. It contains microbeads which give a great massage for my face after a tiring day at work. 

My Experience

Hence, I usually use it during my night skincare routine. It left an amazingly refreshing feeling on my face after washing, which probably comes from the ingredient, Ice Plant. The other ingredient, Lemon Myrtle has many great benefits for oily skin. It can reduce clogged pores and balance out the natural oil production.

The micro bubble shots provides gentle exfoliation for my skin. I’m so glad that the beads are not rough and coarse, which makes it perfectly suitable for my sensitive skin. About the function of the beads in giving the desirable V shape face, I would say that do not work for me. Or maybe the results take longer to show.


Overall, this cleanser is totally value for money! A tube of 150g is more than enough for me. It probably can last me for a year because of its thick consistency. I will probably use this product three times a week or more whenever I need some exfoliation.

Purchase this for a good price of RM23.00 at Althea

STEP 2: Primer Water

This is the most anticipating step of my skincare routine! Not only because I like the toning process on my face but also this product had officially become my favorite pick! Primer water has a light texture and absorbs fairly well into my skin.

 My Experience

It does not leave my skin sticky or dry. It preps my skin for the next step of skincare product application or makeup.

This hydrating toner is a must-have in every skincare routine, especially if you want to achieve the trending glass skin effect. My face does have a glowing effect after application. It definitely feels like a serum more than a toner to me.


This magical water has a patented dew drop technology which improves absorption of the product. Whatever it is, it works wonders on my skin. I don't mean to be bias, but this is truly my favourite product among the three!

Only at RM43.00 at Althea, you can add a little magic into your skincare routine. 

STEP 3: Fixer Cream

I am going to be honest here; this little jar of moisturizer really fixed me right up. I have really oily and acne prone skin, and this water-based moisturizer is made right for my skin type. It has a very soft and lightweight consistency which is made perfect for fast absorption.

My Experience

I really love the pleasant herbal scent of this cream. It acts like a skin barrier, locking the moisture within my skin. I would not say the hydration lasts for 24 hours, but it did a great job in keeping my skin plump and hydrated most of the time.


This moisturizer completed my daily skincare routine. #mylifeiscomplete

Get your hands on this at Althea for RM50.00!

I am really happy with the entire skincare line of Althea’s Bare Essentials. Its minimalist concept has reminded us how simple skincare routine can be. 

Are you ready to strip down to the bare essentials?

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