Mid Year Favourites 2017

It has been two months since I last updated my blog as I took a hiatus from all blogging activities due to my current work commitments. ...

It has been two months since I last updated my blog as I took a hiatus from all blogging activities due to my current work commitments. As I announced in my Facebook page and Instagram post earlier, I was finally enrolled into the pharmacist training program after a 10 month wait. During my long wait, I built this personal space to share my passion and thoughts with the world. It is truly a space where my opinions can be heard. While embarking on an arduous journey to become a pharmacist, blogging is a place for me to express my passion in writing.

Although being off the radar for two months, I was surprised to see occasional visitors reading my older entries, garnering up to two thousand views last month.  I really want to thank for all of your support because even if it’s just a click into my blog means a lot to me. It really gave me a boost of encouragement to continue writing and updating my website. It is difficult for being consistently coming up with new interesting posts at this point of my life as I spend most of my time working in a small, quiet town located in the far west of Perak. Living a rather simple life right now, I am trying my best to make the most out of this place. Perhaps I will talk about this more in my future blog post!

 It has been two crazy months now and the worst is still yet to come. Being a novice in the industry, there are certainly a lot to learn and adapt, in addition to living up to the superior’s and the society’s expectations. Life is truly challenging at this stage although it is just a growing up phase. Everyone experiences different stages at different times in life. Learning new things that I need for survival in this town at this point of my life, might be a piece of cake for others, but it is truly a formidable task for me. But I hope the outcome will be rewarding in the future.

Alright, enough deep talk for one day, I will probably save it for my next blog post!
Time flies so fast that I still can’t believe half a year has passed. I felt like I just started a proper adult, post-graduation life, and it is already mid of 2017. Throughout this 6 months, I have discovered and explored many things that I love or products that I swear by and listed them as my favourites.

#1 Acrylic Organiser

I always want to have a vanity table showcasing my collection of makeup and skincare products. Arranging them in an acrylic organizer would be neat and minimalistic. I have been searching for acrylic organizers in stores like Muji, and also online, but all of them are pretty pricey. Until one day, I walked into Mr DIY store and I found many acrylic organizers sitting on the shelves! It was not as big as the ones I saw online, but it was sufficient to store a reasonable amount of makeup products. And it was only below RM20.00!

 I bought two types- one to store my cotton pads and cotton buds, and the other to store my beauty products.

My cotton pads finally have their own place! Definitely more hygienic to store them this way.

They also have the four tier drawer type of acrylic organizer. I did not purchase it because it was pretty small for cosmetics storage. On the contrary, the one that I saw in Muji was perfect in size.
Now I can proudly display my favourite array of lipsticks on the designated lipstick holder on this acrylic organizer.

#2 Chloe Eau de Toilette

I fell in love with its scent when I was browsing perfume in Sephora. And this amazing perfume made it into my wish list ever since. I love the light sweet floral scent of the perfume which is perfect for every day’s occasion. 

The scent was not too overpowering yet exudes a great amount of elegance and sophistication. I got my hands on this perfume during the warehouse sales in Mid Valley last March and I have been using it every day since then.

3 Colourpop Ultra Matte & Highlighter

I always wanted to get my hands on any Colourpop products especially their lippies! I had the chance to purchase them when my friend, Vanessa who invited me to combine orders with her in order to get free international shipping. I bought two ultra matte lipsticks in the shade of tulle and midi. I was quite skeptical purchasing them online as I was afraid the lipstick shades do not match with my Asian skin tone, although I browsed for many lipstick swatches and reviews.
I really love their modern design and simple packaging. I started swatching both liquid lipsticks and I love how runny and lightweight the texture of the lipstick, compared to NYX Lingerie’s series which have a more creamy texture. It dried up within seconds after application and has a nice matte finish. It was slightly drying for my chapped lips. This lipstick is totally kiss proof! I had to douse a cotton pad with cleansing water in order to remove them. Perfect for a date night, huh?

Midi (top), Tulle (bottom)

Both of the lip colours suited me perfectly! Tulle has dark plum tones, giving a bold and sexy look. It looks darker on my lips compared to the makeup review swatches. I certainly look fierce in this lip colour and I am saving this for the right occasion. 

 Midi has a beautiful pink shade with peach tones, giving a pinkish nude lip colour. I love this colour the moment it was applied on my lips! It has officially became my go-to lipstick from now on.

#4 Riverdale

I am so happy that I finally have a new teen drama to binge watch on The CW after The Vampire Diaries ended last March. I remember I had a hard time getting over the emotional ending. Of course, I still get to watch my favourite vampire villain, Niklaus, and the Mikaelson clan in The Originals. Hopefully, they will continue to tell the love story of #Klaroline. I have a feeling they will.

Photo source: Netflix

Okay, back to Riverdale. I have never read Archie comics before, so I do not have any comments on how the characters and storyline on the TV show shifted from the original comics. This 21st century reboot of the classic Archie Comics adapts well to today’s generation of millennials. I love how this series started off with the mysterious death of Jason Blossom. I always love a hint of mystery in the storyline because that is what keeps me going in binge watching a show. This show features a typical high school setting with the girl next door, Betty Cooper, and her childhood crush, Archie Andrews. There is also a new girl in town, Veronica Lodge who came from New York to have a fresh start in Riverdale, the loner, Jughead Jones, and Kevin Keller, the gay best friend to the girls. Of course, there is always a mean girl and it is none other than the queen bee, Cheryl Blossom.

Photo source: Refinery29

I know Jughead Jones is everyone’s favourite but I love Veronica Lodge. She’s bold and impulsive yet sexy and elegant at the same time. She is tough and feisty, yet caring for her friends. I love her style too! She totally rocks preppy style with a touch of elegance.

Season 1 had completed with only 13 episodes. I really can’t wait for the next season to release.

#5 Mask Slim

I got to know about MaskSlim when I saw this giveaway posted on Facebook. After trying out my luck, I actually won a two month supply of facial sheet masks from Mask Slim! A box of 60 pieces of masks delivered to my house.

I literally sleep on these masks                 

MaskSlim is actually a Malaysian based product which aims to provide care and nourishment in a natural way. I received two types of masks from MaskSlim, which are “Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up” and “Once is Never Enough”. These creative names do have a deeper meaning behind them. “Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up” is obviously a stress reliever which has a calming effect on your skin. Containing pepper mint and tea tree, it helps to soothe my stress inducing acne breakouts. The peppermint was quite strong on my skin and it gave me a numbing cooling sensation when I first put onto my face.

“Once is Never Enough” has a kinky tagline, which reads “Perfect for After Love”, accompanied by the hot pink background with red hearts. This is actually a moisturizing mask which contains lavender and olive oil. Lavender is definitely the star ingredient for relaxation. And according to MaskSlim, lavender oil helps to balance hormones and is known to produce sexual excitement. The smell of lavender oil can set the tone for a romantic environment. Now we know where it got its name from.

I really love the material of this mask sheet. It is not the type of cotton masks that rips easily. And the mask serum absorbed pretty fast into my skin. What I do not like about these mask sheets is the hole for the mouth was too tiny. I have to rip it apart to fit my mouth into it.

That is all for my mid-year favourites! I really hope to survive the next six months of 2017. Do leave a comment below if you have any new products or TV shows (because I have watched almost all of the big hits on Netflix) to share!

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