The Morning After, M Roof Hotel Ipoh : A REVIEW

Recently, there were many KL/Selangor-based restaurants setting up new branches in Ipoh. We had seen many restaurants and dessert joints es...

Recently, there were many KL/Selangor-based restaurants setting up new branches in Ipoh. We had seen many restaurants and dessert joints established in this small town, giving us the opportunity to enjoy similar dining experience to the main branch in the country’s capital as well as to experience the latest buzz in the F&B scene in Malaysia.

 I could still remember everyone in Ipoh was so hyped with the first grand opening of the Subway franchise in Greentown. Everyone was looking forward to eating sandwiches on that day. As a matter of fact, this fast food restaurant is my option when I am too broke to afford a posh meal. We had seen Milkcow, Hokkaido Cheese Tart, Uncle Tetsu, Ilao Ilao, Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf, and now, The Morning After. On a side note, Morganfield’s will be opening in Greentown in May!

I discovered The Morning After (TMA) unexpectedly when I passed by the roundabout located in front of M Roof. I have tried the cakes from TMA previously in Jaya One, but not their main courses. Located under the same roof with M Roof, The Morning After is easily accessible for hotel residents and local folks. It had become a new brunch spot by day and a great place to drink, chill, and listen to music by night. Commencing its operations early this year, TMA is still new in town and yet to be explored by the locals.

The wooden flooring added a vintage touch to the sleek black industrial interior. The cafĂ© space was occupied with rustic looking wooden tables and metal chairs. There was a small stage adjacent to the bar counter. It has an edgy background with the restaurant’s name written in retro font style. Occasionally, you may find live bands playing here too.

The menu was impressive, but lacking of options and variety. The prices looked reasonable and should belong to the mid-range category. But is the food worth paying for? Let’s find out!

Roast Chicken with Salad & Mashed Potatoes (RM 25)

Came in a reasonable serving size, the chicken was lack of succulence and robust flavours. Perhaps they did not marinate it enough. It would be great if they put some spices such as thyme, sage, or rosemary for more seasoning.

 I was very happy with the generous amount of mashed potato underneath the roast chicken! However, it was quite dry and I was running out of black pepper sauce by the time I finished half of my chicken. I hope they will supply more gravy because I had to rely on the gravy to give flavouring to the roast chicken.

Striploin Steak, RM37
Green Tea Latte, RM13

My friend’s steak was also lack of seasoning and the meat was rather chewy for a medium rare cooking. The green tea latte she ordered was bland and the flavouring tasted artificial.

Red Velvet (RM14)

I remembered vividly that I enjoyed TMA’s cake in the Jaya One outlet years ago. Thus, I was expecting to receive a slice of cake with a similar quality and standard to its PJ branch. The cake arrived in a matte black metal plate. The slice of red velvet definitely looked scrumptious at first sight.

 The disappointment kicked in when I took a small fraction from the cake. The cake was too dry and crumbly. The crumbs started falling off from the slice of cake at the moment the spoon cut through it. The taste was not great either. The cream cheese on the red velvet was way too sweet. My disappointment deepened when we had to pay RM14 for the cake with inferior quality.

Overall, I personally felt there are a lot of improvements should be made in order to achieve the standards set by their KL/Selangor branches. I was not very satisfied with the waiters’ demeanor and efficiency, considering we were paying service tax. I hope TMA will be like one of the many chain restaurants that provide Ipoh folks a glimpse of the dining experience in the country’s capital.

Operation hours:
Everyday from 8am to midnight

Lobby, M-Roof Hotel at Jalan Dato Lau Pak Khuan, Taman Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh.

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