[REVIEW] Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

I always can relate to the common hairy problems that every women struggles with. Although there is an absence of body hair on my legs, I h...

I always can relate to the common hairy problems that every women struggles with. Although there is an absence of body hair on my legs, I have a fair amount of experience with hair removal at other parts of my body. I remember spending hours in the shower, fumbling with my razor while trying to get rid of unwanted body hair. An accidental razor cut might occur occasionally, sending drop of blood trickling down my body.

All that happened before I was introduced to the newly launched Veet Sensitive Touch electric trimmer! Veet’s new invention is a total game changer in the world of depilation. This amazing depilator focuses hair removal at delicate areas of our body such as the underarms, bikini lines, and eyebrows. This device came with detachable heads that specializes precise trimming at specific regions of the body. The blades on this gadget are designed not to have any contact with the skin during usage, thus reducing the risk of cuts. This means, no more bloody shaving accidents!

Reminding me of an electric toothbrush, Veet Sensitive Touch is designed have an easy and strong grip, making it ideal during eyebrows shaping. As mentioned, the detachable heads came in two types—two sided precision head for eyebrow shaping and one bikini trimming head. The Veet Sensitive Touch set also comes with a beauty styler, two comb attachments, one styler cap, one cleaning brush, and one beauty pouch. The depilator runs on AA battery which is also included in the package.

Shaping my eyebrows with Veet Sensitive Touch

I would normally use a pair of facial hair scissors to trim excessive brow hair. I could not really use tweezers on my face as it was way too painful on the brows region compared to the underarms region. Sometimes, my brows were not properly trimmed causing me to use a lot of concealer on some hairy days. The invention of Veet Sensitive Touch definitely save me from many hairy days without any hassle. No more messy trimming using scissors and no more crying during painful tweezing.

How to use?

After inserting the battery at the bottom of the device, you may select which head to attach onto the styler. I will be showing you on how I shape my eyebrows, hence I will be selecting the two sided precision head for eyebrow shaping.

The head was easily detached by turning it anticlockwise. Another head was attached to the styler by turning it clockwise as directed by an arrow on the device. I placed a comb over the two-sided blades before turning the device on.

 I ran the comb covering the blades over my eyebrows a few times to get a uniform length trim. After that, I removed the comb and began shaping my brows by trimming the excessive brow hairs using the 16mm blade. I switched to the 4mm blade when it comes to narrow areas especially at the edges of my brows.

 Experience & Thoughts:

I was very nervous prior to using the product because I was so afraid that I will mess up my brows. Probably because of the intimidatingly loud whirring sound of the device. I tested it on my sister’s leg (because my legs are hairless, remember?) before trying it on my brows. The blade trimmed swiftly and I could see hairs falling off her legs. She said she did not feel a thing when the depilator swept across her leg. True enough, I did not feel a thing when it was trimming. I could only felt a vibrating sensation which gave me a relaxing massage on my skin while it was trimming.

The design of the double-sided blade is brilliant. The smaller blade reached the narrow and difficult areas of my brows easily. The longer blade positioned itself at a perfect angle while shaping my desired brow shape. The blades worked so well together and it was easy to use too.

The hairs fell off easily with just one sweep, proving the sharpness and precision of the blades, yet being gentle to the skin at the same time. I have to admit that I am very happy with this product as it solved my long-time hairy problems. It also came with a pouch which makes it convenient to bring it around.

There was only one issue I had with this product which is the sound it produced. The sound was too loud especially when I was fixing my eyebrows as the depilator was near to my ears at that moment. It felt like there’s a lawn mower next to my ear. I wish Veet will have a new upgrade in the future which highlights a new feature—silent design.

The Results

Without drawing my eyebrows

After drawing my eyebrows

For a hassle-free, painless, and quick hair removal experience, I strongly reckon you to get your hands on this amazing product. Retailing at RM119.00, you may get Veet Sensitive Touch at major pharmacies nationwide and online retailers.

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  1. I haven't trim my eyebrows for years now (religious belief, sadly). But good share darling!

    1. No worries, this device works for body hair too :)