I had never used a body shaper before or tried any weight loss methods/ alternatives. Probably I didn’t encounter issues with my weight pre...

I had never used a body shaper before or tried any weight loss methods/ alternatives. Probably I didn’t encounter issues with my weight previously. I lost weight quite fast if I was consistent with my fitness routine. I used to work out quite a little during my university days. Plus, I walked to class every day, which was quite a distance from my dorm.  My lifestyle became more sedentary after I graduated. My home environment was too comfortable for me to even move my ass. The delicious home cooking triggered my voracious appetite. I began to put on weight.

I had my experience on a body shaper when Jonlivia sent me one to try on. The Jonlivia Slimming Shirt Shaper allows you to achieve an instant slimming effect by two sizes down! It helps in shaping your figure within seconds. It focuses on shaping specific parts of your body by firming, sculpting, and toning your waist and abdomen muscles. That seems to be a solution for a bulges, rolls, and hip-fat.

More about Jonlivia’s Slimming Shirt Shaper:

Super-easy to put on and take off.
Comfortable & Breathable material - use it all day, year-round!
Can be wear underneath any type of clothing
Silicon elastic waistband helps prevent roll down
Hi-waist design gives you sleek and sexy look from every angle
Slim, shape and also give you the feeling of improved posture.

Apart from giving a desired slimming effect, this body shaper also aid in improving body posture. I was thinking that this could really help me because I have a bad habit of slouching. Having this body shaper hugging my figure tightly might remind my lazy muscles to keep my body upright.

My first impression

When I first received it, this product did not give an impression of a typical body shaper. One of the reasons that I was not motivated to wear a body shaper previously was because of their old fashioned design.  Jonlivia’s sleek design made body shapers look so classy. I felt like it is the modern day corset.  I love the intricate lace details on the bust area. It definitely gave a touch of elegance to the slimming shaper. The beautiful design allowed me to match my clothing with it easily. Check it out for more outfit ideas with Jonlivia’s body shaper!

Casual and effortless

Sporty and fun!

Experience & Thoughts
I had to disagree with that it was super-easy to put on and take off. Since it was tight and was only elastic at certain areas, it was laborious to put on. I almost sprained my arm while trying to put it on. It would be great if there are hooks or Velcro, to make the donning process easier for me.  

The instant effect really works! I wore for a whole day and I could see my tummy flatten a little and my waistline was toned. It also made me look slim while I was wearing it underneath my clothes. As mentioned, the great thing about this product is I could easily mix and match my clothing with this slimming shaper.  You may either hide the body shaper underneath your clothing, or you may just wear a crop top or oversize sweater over it, partially revealing it. That would be fun and sexy.

While I was wearing it, it rolled up easily too. I was unsure why I experienced that but I guess it was not tight enough around my waist area. It would be more helpful towards my posture if they put something solid in the body shaper to support my back.

Overall, Jonlivia’s Slimming Shirt Shaper is definitely a suitable slimming alternative for busy people. It created this instant and magical effect that shaped your body immediately, giving a boost of confidence. Every woman needs this shot of confidence so that they feel good about their body and be proud of their unique body shape and size. Jonlivia allowed me to embrace my body shape by helping me to enhance specific edges and corners of my body. Now, they are having a promotion on their website, where you can get this amazing body shaper with only RM 120.00 (n.p.: RM200.00)!

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