Homemade Dried Fruits by Unparalleled Grace : A Review

For people who live a hectic lifestyle, it is inconvenient to ensure consistent supply of fresh fruits in their daily diet. That is...

For people who live a hectic lifestyle, it is inconvenient to ensure consistent supply of fresh fruits in their daily diet. That is where dried fruits become an occasional substitute for fresh fruits.  Dried fruits can last longer and very portable to bring around to work or to the gym. 

Retaining its nutritional values, dried fruits allow us to reap the dietary benefits while snacking on them. Having a fast metabolism, I frequently find myself snacking in between main meals. This is truly a healthy alternative snacking option you may consider in your diet if snacking is one of your eating habits.

Freshly made and packed in a sealed paper bag, Unparalleled Grace supplied dried fruits to my doorstep. They have a range of fruits for you to select. The preferred fruits will be dried upon request. Kindly check them via their Facebook page here! This homemade dried fruit business definitely made it easier to obtain dried fruits as most of us do not bother getting a dehydrator just for the purpose of drying fruits.

No colourings and preservatives added. The following are the fruits available for order:

Red Apples 50gm RM12
Green Apples 50gm Rm12
Banana 80gm Rm12
Star fruits 50gm Rm12
Lemon 50gm Rm12
Oranges 50gm RM12
Grape fruits 50gm RM12
Pineapples 80gm RM15
Golden pear 80gm Rm15
Dragon Fruit 100gm RM22
Kiwi 80gm Rm22
Tomatoes 50gm RM15
Mushroom 30gm Rm15

I received four different bags of dried fruits from Unparalleled Grace, which are Red Apples, Oranges, Grape Fruits, and Tomatoes. Since they are all homemade products, these dried fruits took a while to process and deliver. With the wide variety of fruits offered, I felt encouraged to be creative with my diet! Aside from snacking directly from the bag, you may explore other options of eating dried fruits such as by water or tea infusion, mixing in a bowl of plain yogurt, or adding them to your cereal. Continue reading to find out my creative ways to incorporate dried fruits into my diet!

Dried Red Apples

I have been making overnight oats using freshly sliced apples as one of the ingredients. I thought of giving dried apples a try in overnight oats. It was easy and fun preparing breakfast on the night before.

 I started pouring in a reasonable amount of oats into the jar before filling it with fresh milk. Saving up a lot of time slicing apples, I just grabbed a handful of dried apple slices and stuffed into the jar. Lastly, I sprinkled some chia seeds as a finishing touch. It will be ready to serve the next morning!

This healthy breakfast preparation is definitely perfect in preparing me before I start my day. The dried apples gave a sweet taste to the plain oats. Dried fruits really make a great breakfast combo especially when it adds fun and flavours to your usual bland breakfast.

Dried Oranges

I placed slices of dried oranges in a pot of warm green tea. I was skeptical about the taste, as normally lemon slices are used instead. I thought I could try the same with orange slices. It gave a hint of citrus taste to the tea.

I have read about using dried slices of tomatoes in cooking especially pasta. It sounds adventurous and I am probably going to try that. On a side note, I do not fancy the grapefruit selection. It tasted bitter at first bite.

Thought of getting some dried fruits? You may simply place your order by Facebook message them!

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  1. This is quite interesting to know so cheers to that. Incorporating dried fruits is certainly one way to go about being on a more healthier route :)

  2. i always love dried apples... especially those from japan... so naturally sweet, chewy and yummy but they don't have it here.. won't mind trying these dried apple tea instead...

  3. I myself use a lot of dry fruit and find it to be a quick fix solution to instant energy

  4. dry fruit best for me ... sometime really dont have time to shopping for fresh fruit ...

  5. Oh gosh, that looks good! I wonder if i can reused the dried fruits once its used :P

  6. Saw many good reviews on this! The price is affordable and the packaging is so big =D

  7. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  8. I love dried fruits, I should order some to try out