VDAY 2017 Highlights : Zakka Loft Review & OOTD Deets

On this day, you would normally see love birds express ing their undying affection by cherishing their partners with luxurious gifts and b...

On this day, you would normally see love birds expressing their undying affection by cherishing their partners with luxurious gifts and bouquets of roses over romantic candlelight dinners
Planning a perfect place to dine in Ipoh was a little difficult as most cuisines (except for Chinese food) are of inferior quality, and are priced at exorbitant rates. I came across an attractive promotion by a local restaurant/café, Zakka Loft, posted in Groupon. Teriyaki Chicken Charcoal Waffle Burger With Smoked Salmon Salad and Drinks for TWO people for just RM29.00! The deal indeed looked like a steal! I even used a 10% discount code.  I had no idea there was a catch behind this promotion. Continue reading to find out.

Situated at the corner shop lot in Medan Ipoh Bistari, this quaint art-themed café is a paradise for art and crafts enthusiasts. This art studio and café featured many artistic works ranging from paintings to creative handicrafts. 

 A collection of framed paintings decorated the wall, showcasing the work of a local artist. A large wooden shelf displayed a wide range of creative and adorable handicrafts such as cute handmade sock animal toys, fabric tote bags, hand sewn purses or clutches, keychains, and bookmarks. You may even purchase these handmade trinkets or handicrafts as souvenirs or keepsakes. This café provides a space for social gatherings as well as a cozy place to spend quality time alone reading or relaxing. Some of my childhood memories were brought back when I found a chalk-drawn hopscotch on the floor and a carrom table sitting in the midst of the wooden dining tables.

Not only will you find DIY crafts, you can also find homemade ice cream! I have tasted them once a year ago and it was great. I could remember that the taste was authentic and the texture was thick and creamy. This time, I got to experience their main courses.

I was very looking forward to the meal that I booked. We were asked to select a soda flavour from a variety of three options. I picked the strawberry flavour, while Brandon picked the pineapple option. The sodas were indeed refreshing. I preferred the sweet strawberry flavour rather than the pineapple one

 A plate of smoked salmon salad was served as a starter dish. To my delight, the portion was reasonably big enough for two people. Chopped lettuce, diced cherry tomatoes, and finely sliced carrots were mixed together in a vinaigrette dressing. The beautiful pieces of smoked salmon sat in the middle of the plate, sprinkled with sesame seeds and pepper.  The smoked salmon tasted amazing and was well balanced with the acidic taste of the salad dressing. I was very happy with this satisfying starter dish. However, my happiness was short-lived.

The highly anticipated main course, Teriyaki Chicken Charcoal Waffle Burger arrived in only ONE set, instead of two sets. The waitress placed the wooden tray containing the medium sized waffle burger on the table. I was patiently waiting for the next tray to arrive until I discovered that we were supposed to share a tray of medium sized waffle burger! For a moment, I was trying to make sense of what just happened. 

I immediately felt like a fool who was deceived by their marketing strategy. My appetite suddenly vanished and my excitement for the rest of the day died down. Feeling uneasy, I took a second look at the information page about this deal on Groupon. After much scrutiny, I personally felt that the information was clearly misleading.
  • The phrase “Meal for Two” usually gives the impression of two sets. It is common sense to know that when it comes to burgers, it is not practical for sharing. It is not a pork platter where the food portion is divided accordingly for sharing purposes.
  • They should have put a “x1” sign which indicates only one plate will be served for two people. The funny thing is, they actually put “x2” sign for the drinks.
  • The serving size is only for one person. I guess you can win the three bite challenge eating this burger.        
  • As shown in the picture, there was supposed to be an additional mashed potato as a side dish. The absence of the mashed potato was not replaced by any side dishes.


  •  When it comes to meals for two people, the least they can do is to slice the burger into half and separate them onto two plates. The food presentation will look more decent in this way. Unlike the appetizers served, which was the smoked salmon salad, a main course should be properly presented especially when it comes to food that are not feasible for sharing, such as burgers.
  • They should state clearly that only one plate will be served by putting an “x1” beside “Teriyaki Chicken Charcoal Waffle Burger”.
  • Do replace the missing mashed potatoes with something else. Perhaps an egg or some sautéed mushrooms, even if you run out of potatoes.

I guess I would not be so angry if they served the main course in two servings with a smaller portion. With a price as low as RM29 for a set meal for 2, I would understand. But, sharing? That was just plain unprofessional and unacceptable.

Tastewise, there was still room for improvement. The charcoal waffle was a bit soggy. It would have been perfect if it was hot and crispy as it would have gone well with the succulent teriyaki chicken. However, the chicken did not have a strong authentic teriyaki taste. In fact, it tasted a little like soy sauce chicken with a faint taste of teriyaki sauce. Overall, I think it is a great concept using waffles as burger buns although it would be a challenge to maintain the crispiness of the waffles.

 Since a plate of that burger was not enough for both of us, we ordered another item from the menu. We ordered the sambal waffle. I was curious to taste such a unique and unusual savoury waffle.  The waffle acted as a base for the shrimp sambal and petai (bitter beans) and they were topped with a fried egg. I was happy with the generous amount of petai as they were my favourite. The sambal was not that great as the taste was lacking of tanginess.

I really did enjoy my dining experience at Zakka Loft despite the crappy deal. In addition to being a centre for arts and crafts aficionados, it is a quiet place for chilling and relaxing as well as catching up with your old friends.

OOTD: Baby Blue x Nude Heels

During this celebration of love, I wanted to dress up in soft and sweet colours with a feminine touch. My newly arrived dress from Something Borrowed, which I recently purchased at Zalora was the best pick. I love this shade of blue where it did not look too pale and pastel and its colours still stood out from afar. The chiffon material gave the dress an elegant touch. I love the fitted and flared style of this dress as they accentuated my waistline, making my figure more defined-looking. Long trumpet sleeves always go well with short-length dresses.

I paired this beautiful piece of clothing with my cream coloured structured bag. Adding onto a feminine touch to this outfit, I wore a pair of suede nude stiletto heels. I really love this shade of nude and it complemented the other colours of this outfit so well.

Dress // Something Borrowed
Bag // Something Borrowed
Heels // Velvet
Necklace // Times Square
Rings // Asos, Lovisa

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