COCO2U Product Review | Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, A Nature's Miracle

                                                Being a typical Malaysian, coconuts are fundamental ingredients in our favourite homegro...

Being a typical Malaysian, coconuts are fundamental ingredients in our favourite homegrown dishes. Do you know that this tropical fruit is also known to possess many health and beauty benefits? Aside from their natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, virgin coconut oil are natural moisturizers for our skin.

High levels of antioxidants from vitamin E contained in the coconut oil are able to penetrate through the cells of the skin. The elimination of free radicals by the antioxidants prevented further damage of connective tissues and maintained skin flexibility and versatility. This also explains its anti-aging role by preventing skin sagging and wrinkling.

COCO2U products allow you to obtain all the goodness from coconut oil for your skin! Dubbed as “Nature’s Miracle” by COCO2U, organic virgin coconut oil is the key ingredient and an elixir of beauty and wellness. In addition, your skin may also be richly nourished with Natural Bioactive Ingredients which are the foundation of all COCO2U products. These amazing natural ingredients that provide extra nutrition to your skin are aloe vera, aquacacteen, mushroom extract, cucumber extract, virgin coconut oil, yam bean extract, argan oil, and grape seed extract. COCO2U uses certified Organic Virgin Coconut oil in every skincare products providing all the benefits for your skin in a safe, natural, and pure way. COCO2U products’ safety are guaranteed by ensuring no animal testing, no artificial preservatives, no SLS, no Parabens, and no Petroleum derived chemicals in their products.

COCO2U has given me the opportunity to experience organic virgin coconut oil in daily skincare regimen using their skincare starter kit. This essential starter kit consists of a hydrating cleanser, pore refining tonique, Bioactive Day Moisturiser, and a Bioactive Night Moisturiser. COCO2U’s Luminous Serum completed the daily skincare regimen.

Step 1: Hydrating Cleanser

I began my first step of skincare regimen with cleansing using COCO2U Hydrating Cleanser. Using Organic Virgin Coconut Oil formulated with aloe vera and aquacacteen, this cleanser ensures sufficient hydration for the skin while performing thorough cleansing. This three ingredients are known to be hydrating in nature. As most of us are not familiar with aquacacteen, it is actually an ultra-refined elixir extracted from organic cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica) which has hydrating properties.

Personal experience & thoughts:
I like the idea of hydration being introduced together with cleansing. While normal cleansing usually will strip natural oils from skin, this cleanser prevents that from happening. Hydration is restored and nutrients are supplied to skin simultaneously when cleansing is performed. My skin did not feel dry and taut after cleansing! It might be a little moisturizing for skin type as I have really oily skin but it does not cause any break outs. Nevertheless, this product is suitable for all skin types as it restores the hydration balance of all skin types.

Step 2: Pore Refining Tonique

Toning is always the next step after cleansing in order to cleanse your pores and restore skin pH balance. In addition to the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, this pore refining toner also contains Mushroom extract. Mushroom extract has astringent properties and are effective in tightening pores and refining skin tone.

Personal experience & thoughts:
This toner is indeed refreshing and purifying. Although it contains coconut oil as well, the texture was creamy and not oily. My skin felt instantly refreshed when I first dabbed the cotton pad onto my skin. It absorbed very well and does not leave my skin sticky. It cleanses my pores well too as it left some dirt residue on the clean cotton pad.

Step 3: Luminous Serum

This serum provides intensive treatment for hydration and rejuvenation to get an instant radiant look. With a few drops at different regions on your face, pat lightly to make sure the product is well absorbed. This product absorbed rapidly and instantly provide a natural glow.

Personal experience & thoughts:
I am glad that this serum did not cause any break outs on my skin, unlike my previous experiences with serum. My skin did not look fatigue anymore after application. The natural glow comes after almost a week of twice a day application. I guess this Luminous Serum does make my skin illuminated!

Step 4: Bioactive Day/Night Moisturiser

Moisturising is an important step as it ensures the skin has sufficient moisture content. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil has proven to be an effective and natural moisturizer. It is present in both day and night moisturizer. The day moisturizer also has other natural ingredients such as olive leaf extract and grapeseed extract, enhancing its moisturizing effect. Enriched with vitamin E, the day cream has SPF20.

As for the night cream, the combination of argan oil, yam bean, and hyaluronic acid as the accompanying ingredients provided extra nourishment and prepping the skin for bedtime. Argan oil provided extra moisturizing while hyaluronic acid acts as a moisture binder. Yam bean is a source of vitamin C and helps in achieving an even skin complexion.

Personal experience & thoughts:
There are distinct differences between the day and night cream formulations. The day cream is more lightweight and non-greasy. The night cream is a little rich in texture, trapping more moisture for the skin. Both formulations absorbed well and quickly, leaving my skin soft and supple.  They kept my face well- moisturized throughout the day and night. These products are suitable for oily and acne prone skin, as organic virgin coconut oil has anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial properties that work together to combat acne.

After an amazing week with COCO2U skincare products, I could see subtle changes in my skin condition. It might not be able to show on pictures, but my skin does feel more hydrated and radiant. Never knew this amazing organic virgin coconut oil can do wonders on skin until I experiment my skin with these products. You may try this on yourself too by purchasing the COCO2U starter kit first with only RM100.00 (u.p: RM140.00)!

The COCO2U Skincare Starter Kit consists of:
Hydrating Cleanser 30mL x1
Pore Refining Tonique 30mL x1
Bioactive Day Moisturiser 10mL x1
Bioactive Night Moisturiser 10mL x1

The good news is each customer will get FREE 10mL Luminous Serum for every purchase of COCO2U Skincare Starter kit!

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