Magi Planet Popcorn Studio : A Review

Popcorn is always my mandatory snack whenever I watch my favourite film at the theatres. Now, I even get to binge watch my favourite shows ...

Popcorn is always my mandatory snack whenever I watch my favourite film at the theatres. Now, I even get to binge watch my favourite shows on a cozy night at home with Magi Planet’s popcorn! Magi Planet Popcorn Studio, formerly known as Planet Popcorn, comes in a convenient packaging which makes it an ideal snack for every occasion. I do not need to spend much time preparing snacks for my movie night. This ready-to-eat snack accompanies me from the beginning of my favourite show while fixing my popcorn cravings at the same time.

Originated from Taiwan, Magi PIanet Popcorn Studio offers a variety of unconventional and creative flavours of popcorn. The popcorn is reasonably big in size and even in shape. Free from preservatives, Magi Planet guarantees the freshness of their popcorn with their resealable bag and the usage of silica gel desiccant packs in the popcorn. I was given the opportunity to sample four different popcorn flavours from Magi Planet. They were Crystal Salted Caramel, Corn Soup, Takoyaki, and Chilli Cheese. They came in two different packaging sizes which were 110g and 50g.

Curious about these unique flavours, I was so eager to rip all four packets and pop all of them into my mouth. I love their groovy and fun package design which made it looks so delectable. It would be helpful if the product information at the back of package has an English version too.

Chili Cheese
I took a random pick from the selection of popcorn. I caught a strong whiff of cheese fragrance as I opened the first packet. Its name gave me an impression that it would look like popcorn sprinkled with chili powder and cause an inferno in my mouth. To my surprise, the cheese flavour was more distinct. I could taste the strong salty cheese flavour, subsequently a sweet taste appeared later, before leaving a faint taste of spicy pepper on my tongue. I love how I could taste the flavours segued from salty to sweet and finally a spicy finish. Definitely my best pick of a savoury version of popcorn.

Crystal Salted Caramel
Caramel is my all-time favourite popcorn flavour. This classical taste of popcorn just never gets old. I could really indulge in the burnt taste of caramel balanced by Himalayan rock salt. The salt did enhance the caramel taste instead of masking it. It would be great if all popcorn were generously covered with caramel.

Corn Soup
The name, Corn Soup made me think that this flavour would not taste extraordinary as popcorn is made from corns. It sounded as if this is the original popcorn flavour. I popped one piece into my mouth. Boy, was I wrong! I felt like an explosion of spicy flavour from the black pepper in my mouth, before revealing the sweetness from the corn. It was like a reversal of the Chilli Cheese popcorn flavour. I just love the transition of the strong tangy flavours in my mouth.


If you like to have a touch of Japan, you might want to try the Takoyaki flavoured popcorn. The dried fish and squid taste was evident although there was a faint taste of seaweed. As someone who does not fancy Takoyaki, I do not quite prefer to have my popcorn flavoured with the Japanese snack. But for all Takoyaki fans, this is definitely oishi!

Magi Planet gave popcorn lovers a wide selection of flavours to indulge in! It absolutely adds more fun and adventure in snacking. My favourite picks are chili cheese and crystal salted caramel. 

Now, here is the exciting part… can just from your home and the popcorn will be delivered to your doorstep. You may order your popcorn HERE before Netflixing! For 8 packs of popcorn (Four packs of 110g & four packs of 50g) with four different flavours, you may purchase it at RM150 only!

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Hurry and get your popcorn!

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