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Get Relaxing Baths this Christmas with Kustie & I Love…!

Christmas has been the favourite season of the year for many of us. We can imagine beautiful fairy lights, elegant Christmas wreaths, and ornaments decorating the Christmas tree during this festive season, commemorating the birth of Christ. Christmas carols and songs uplift the spirit of Christmas. I am looking forward to this jolly season because it is truly a season of giving and receiving. It is also the time of the year where we struggle to find the perfect Christmas gift for our loved ones. Fret not, I have good news to share with all of you about my discovery of the ultimate Christmas gift.

I just came back from South Korea and I received my first Christmas gift from Watsons.  There were bath and body products from Kustie and I Love… sitting in a gift basket finished with an elegant bow on the side. That amazing sight of bath and body products was just breathtaking. This is a very thoughtful gift for your loved ones. A relaxing bath is all you need to ward off the stress from your mind and body after a crappy day. You might be surprise on how relaxing baths can be so therapeutic, especially when you spice things up with scented candles and soothing music. This gives you the perfect escape and ‘me-time’ ever.
I received two big bottles of their fruit range bath products from I Love… The vibrant colours of “Mango & Papaya” and “Strawberry & Cream” shower cream made them look so yummy. I honestly felt like drinking the whole bottle like they were fruit juice. Their cute designed bottles are just irresistible. The fruity bubble bath experience was indeed pleasant and sweet. You may indulge yourself in a fruit paradise by having a plate of sliced tropical fruits by your bathtub. It made my skin moisturized and soft, just as they claimed. I love the scent of Mango & Papaya bath surprisingly, as I do not fancy papaya. The Strawberry & Cream has a sweeter scent. The experience was like having yourself bathed with fruits literally, although the scent lasted briefly.

After a tropical paradise, I moved on to indulging myself in a floral bath experience. Kustie gave me two types of bath products, which are the Lavender and Cherry Blossom shower gel. I was truly amazed as I look through the transparent bottle of the shower gel. Real flower petals were floating in the gel. Did I mention that the flowers were carefully handpicked?! I felt so close to nature. The cherry blossom bath gel gave some sweet and fun vibes while the lavender bath gel was relaxing and therapeutic. It was similar to having a spa like experience at home.

Both Kustie and I Love… provided me two different luxurious bath experiences. Floral and Fruity. Which is your pick? Why not go for both?  You may find them exclusively at Watsons.

It will be wonderful to send these amazing stocking-fillers to your loved ones this jolly season. Merry Christmas!


  1. The I Love… seems tempting.. Need to grab them!! xD

    1. Yesss Love the vibrant colours of the shower cream!


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