Distressed denim has been around in the world of fashion since the 1980s hard rock/heavy metal era and the grunge era.  Now we can see t...

Distressed denim has been around in the world of fashion since the 1980s hard rock/heavy metal era and the grunge era.  Now we can see this tattered styled piece of denim come back in trend, which has made its way to the lazy casual street style and even appearing on runways. This style revival has elevated ripped jeans to a high fashion status. It is not only a fashion statement for the punk rocker style. But after styling a pair of ripped jeans with a white silk shirt finished with sexy killer heels, this had made distressed denim a street fashion material. This versatile piece of denim is a wardrobe essential, and rather than forking out a few hundred bucks for a ripped jeans from Topshop, I decided to make my own.

Here’s a step by step guide to make your own ripped jeans!

#1 Select the Right Pair of Jeans

Decide what type of ripped jeans you would want to have, be it skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans. You could get a pair of jeans from the thrift store or from your pile of old clothes after spring cleaning your wardrobe. I got my old pair of jeans from Padini Authentics which I decided not to wear anymore. Instead of getting rid of these old denims, a pair of scissors and tweezers are all you needed to revamp them in style.

#2 Get the tools & materials ready!

Here’s what you need to give your pair of jeans a makeover:
-a pair of jeans
-pen or chalk
-sandpaper (optional)

#3 Create distressed patterns

Decide which area of the jeans you would like to have it distressed. Common areas are at the knees or below the pockets section. Using a pen or a chalk, draw the lines to mark the area.
It is advisable to wear your jeans while marking in order to get a more precise location for the distressed patterns. Rub the marked areas with sandpaper in order to loosen up the threads of the jeans, making it easier for it to fray. Cut along the drawn lines carefully using a pair of scissors. Make sure the lines were cut out straight to avoid the holes having a big gap.

#4 Pulling the fibers off

If you look closely at the edges of the cuts made on the jeans, you will notice that there were two layers of fibres intertwined with each other. 
 Pull the vertically arranged blue fibres out using tweezers, leaving out the horizontal white fibres. Repeat the above action for the other sections. 

Once you’re finished with the tedious work, your ripped jeans are ready!

Pairing up with my basic striped top from H&M, it gives off some casual vibes. To make it classier, I put on a pair of light salmon pink pointy flats. 

Have you attempted at making your own ripped jeans? Let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. wow this is cool! you are just professional! dont think i can do this.. but i'd like to try!

  2. Wow! This is a great tutorial babe! Lovin' your jeans!!

  3. Great tips and guide! Would like to try soon... ^^

  4. Nooo, I dont want to ruin my jeanssss hahhaha. But the end result looks pretty

  5. wow how creative you are. I never thought of making my own ripped jeans. You are right that it is making a fashion come back.

  6. Wah... so talented, babe! Hmm... now I'm tempted to try ripped one of my jeans too.

  7. Loving your style... looks great.. I never thought of doing it this way before.. maybe I will give it a try... thanks for the tips

  8. OMG you make this distressed jeans so easy to do! Definitely gonna try this out for my old jeans =D

  9. Nicely done dear and the tutorial looked seamless. Love the end results though :)

  10. I used to do something similar during my college days and it was a fun experience.

  11. oo!!! looks really nice! great tips to make an old jeans look trendier!

  12. wow....nice tips to share!!! Can help me distress my jean??hehe~~

  13. Oh yeay! good tips. I am ripping off mine soon. Glad found your blog.

  14. I am gonna try this! The jeans look very stylish.

  15. I wanna try this, but i will cover with other material inside. hehehe

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  16. Hehheheh guess I will be joining the artsy side of you!

  17. Very creative, i use to do this DIY with my tops. But never knew how to DIY my jeans. Thanks for this tips tough, so useful.

  18. i only have torn jeans, and thats coz i wear it to death ><"

  19. So cool! Great DIY tutorial babe. Those jeans look brand new after the makeover

  20. WOw, It is cool laaaa.....
    Wanna try one for myself too.