MALACCA 2016: A CNY Vacay Part 2

Follow my blog with Bloglovin  Hi readers, if you have read my previous post regarding my CNY trip to Malacca, here's the sequel to ...

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

 Hi readers, if you have read my previous post regarding my CNY trip to Malacca, here's the sequel to the first post! If you have not checked it out, here's the link to it


It was our last day in Malacca, and we had yet to try the famous chicken rice balls. There are so many chicken rice ball shops in Malacca, but it was hard to tell which is the best. But, the locals know the best. So, my aunt brought us to Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball, located at Jalan Melaka Raya.
We ordered a lunch set that consists of chicken rice balls, steamed chicken, black bean soup, and vegetables. We ordered the Assam fish separately.

I really do love the flavoured chicken rice balls. I like how they add flavours even to the rice itself, rather than just giving us clumps of plain oily rice (nasi minyak). The unique black bean soup surprised me in an amazing way, and being someone who dislikes eating beans, I love this soup a whole lot. Perhaps, I prefer beans in a soup form. However, the steamed chicken did  not live up to my expectations. The taste didn't really stand out, and it still cannot beat Ipoh's bean sprout chicken. The assam fish did not leave a good impression either, as I remember, as there was a scanty amount of fish in the pot.


After a satisfying meal, we were good to go for more explorations in this little town. Again, we had yet to visit Malacca's well known landmark, that appears on the cover of school textbooks, and its history has been known by all Malaysians- The Stadthuys & The A' Famosa

It was exciting even by just walking down these historical streets. Though I'm not fond of history, it was fascinating to know the stories behind the ruins, and see how things had turned out today.

            Shorts: Monki
Bag: Mango
Hat: Cotton On

Loving the walls of ruins as the photo background. 

We walked uphill to the ruins of St. Paul, and went down to the A' Famosa. We took many shots of the iconic A' Famosa.

I wish I could master the photoshop skills of cropping objects in the background.

It has been an amazing trip with my family members, over these three days. It was truly a blessing to spend my CNY differently, giving me a whole new experience. BIG thanks for my aunt and family for the warm hospitality and care during our stay. That's a wrap for my Malacca CNY trip!

Eunice C.

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  2. Inspired by your photos, I decided to cook the same treats for dinner for my family as everything looks very appetizing.

  3. I really miss Melaka so much... I can't wait to go back and visit