MALACCA 2016- A CNY Vacay Part 1

            This year, my family brought our Chinese New Year celebration to a whole new level!  It was so special to have our celebr...

            This year, my family brought our Chinese New Year celebration to a whole new level! 

It was so special to have our celebration done in MALACCA, the historical city that I have always wanted to visit, because it was more than 10 years ago since the last time I went. 

Thanks to my aunt, who is currently residing in Malacca with her family, provided us great hospitality more than we could ask for and also, this awesome touristy experience for three days. 

In contrast with my unexciting little hometown, Malacca offers much greater tourist attractions, as well as its preserved local heritage buried with centuries of history. 

We arrived at Malacca from Ipoh on the eve of CNY, and it took us approximately three and a half hours, even when there were some slow moving traffic along the way. Upon reaching, we went to my aunt's house for late lunch, before checking into our homestay. 


Our CNY eve reunion was done with simplicity, where everyone gathered around the table, steam-boating. As usual after eating, we talked, laughed, chilled in front of the TV, and played with my cheeky cousins. Out of the blue, someone suggested to go to Jonker Walk, aka Chinatown of Malacca! It was a Sunday, which means it was our last chance in this trip to visit Jonker Walk, as it only operates during the weekends and on Friday. 

Jonker Walk, or also known as, Jalan Hang Jebat is a street loaded with ancient history. It existed back in the 17th century, where rich peranakans lived and did their business there.

I always love walking in happening places like this, enjoying the view while eating street food. The night air was fresh, and I could feel smell the CNY countdown excitement in the air. It was so nice to see the multi racial community walking in the streets, with CNY vibes everywhere. 

There was a vendor knocking and breaking chunks of candies using a chisel, producing the "ting-ting" sound, and hence, the name "ting-ting candy". Apparently, it was not found in Ipoh anymore! It came in two flavours- Malt & Peppermint, priced at RM5 per packet. My parents and relatives were saying how cheap it was last time, and how the "Ting-ting uncle" always went round the neighbourhood. 
Honestly, I love how it tastes like. I wish I lived in that era where it was famous and had more authenticity. 

I didn't manage to take a picture of it, because I was too busy eating. HAHA! Anyway, this is how it basically looks like...

Photo courtesy of The Star online.

When it was almost 12am, there was amazing fireworks display that was right in front of me! 

I definitely had the time of my life, even just by walking and exploring Jonker Walk itself. Definitely the best CNY countdown I have ever been to. 

The God of prosperity, aka Chinese Santa Claus is on stage.


It has been a tradition to wear NEW RED clothes on the first day of CNY. CNY is definitely the time of the year where I learn and try to be more Chinese. I normally don’t specifically shop for CNY, as I shop on a regular basis, hence I rarely run out of new clothes. My shopaholic syndrome has left me broke. :/

Presenting to you my CNY OOTD…

Dress: H&M’s CNY edition dress. I have seen many people wearing this same dress, and I wouldn’t have bought it but this dress really brings out my figure and it gives me a very oriental look. I really love how contemporary the design is, while maintaining the oriental features.

Hat: Cotton On
Bag: Mango

My aunt suggested us to go up to the Menara Taming Sari, where from the height of 80m, the panoramic view of Malacca city can be observed.

Here are the snapshots that I viewed from up there. You can even view it with the binoculars given. The ride was pretty fast, just less than 10 minutes I suppose.

We went to Nadeje, the cafe with the famous mille crepe cakes for teatime. We ordered an assorted range of flavours on their menu.

Clockwise: Strawberry Chocolate, Cafe Mocha, Mango Yogurt, Rum and Raisin, Original, and Double Chocolate. My favourite is Rum and Raisin, from the alcoholic category.

Apart from their popular mille crepe cakes, they have a variety of main courses, such as spaghetti, and pizzas. 

We ordered the bolognese spaghetti, and also the Yaki Spaghetti. I preferred the bolognese spaghetti, as it has a stronger taste than the Yaki Spaghetti, which I found it plain. 

Unlike the mainstream CNY dinner, we had ikan bakar by the river on the first night of CNY. This ikan bakar place was so popular that it requires advanced booking, unless you don't mind queuing up till 9.00pm. So, we decided to try and see what's so hyped up about it.

Starters: Nasi Lemak, probably because we need to wait quite a while 

Fried Sotong

Sambal Mussels 

The seafood was definitely fresh, but the cooking style was not great. I'm sorry to say that the teochew style steamed Siakap was very bland and plain. Perhaps more and generous garnishing and flavouring can be added such as pickles/ sour vegetables, tofu, ginger, scallion, and coriander (my favourite). 

The view from the restaurant was breathtaking.

After a satisfying dinner, we headed to the Melaka River Cruise. It was serene to watch the night view, while enjoying the boat ride.

Some snapshots were taken.

Thats all for the first and second day. Stay tuned for Part 2!


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